My only sexual experience was dealing with my husband of 25 years, until he decided to swing. I think my husband can vibrate, so you have agreed to satisfy my curiosity - what was with another man? We had a long couple of changes for a few years before I had my experience one by one: is difficult to explain what I felt - to do something I know I should not do that. Meeting with another man, and spend an afternoon with him in a playful hotel room. It was ok I did it behind my husband because I was not. He knew everything about them, he gave me his blessing. He was almost forced me to go when you get cold feet shufuni and did not want to go ahead with it. But he was very happy about that ? This idea shufuni was always in the back of my mind. I put in place - how would I feel if you go for an afternoon of fun with another woman. I do not want to deal with me. But it was wrong that I was a happily married woman I woke up this morning and filled my husband to work. I had to prepare in the morning. I felt sick. I had thought, I'm not there. Text and I told the man, his quick answer was there for yourself and enjoy it. had a shower and a bag, ipod, a bottle of wine, some oils, lubricants, condoms. My heart raced, maybe he would not run anyway. Gary We had met before, twice, before actually, but that's another story. Suffice to say that was a good guy with two children, who often passed through the area on their way south divorced training. This was the first time I went to meet him alone from start to finish. entered the outskirts of the city, where by to pick me up. I went back and forth, always the heart pounding, almost wishing that did not appear. I pointed out how to get there, where he was to pick me up, I saw a car approaching - signs and slowed down, OMG my heart beat faster as I saw Gary in the car. What if someone I know saw me in the car? I drove my car - I felt like a whore, really cheeky. The adrenaline pumping ! We said hello and told me I looked good, as he put his hand on my knee. We went on the trip of 26 miles to the hotel we had booked. We had to travel through the center of the city, and again I thought if anyone knew what I saw, I was sick, but excited at the same time. We talk all the way to the city about this and that and soon shufuni reached the city. We drove to the parking lot and went to reception to book. I leave the room J book for you. It was 13 00 watch I kept the bag over his shoulder and waited until I was booked shufuni in. Knowledge is seen from the reception, but you know what it does not matter. I felt relaxed. We went to our room, entered and sat down on the bed. Gary approached me and kissed me. He said he needed to take a shower - the march and the AnticiParticipation in an obscene pleasure later had demanded tribute. While in the shower, I poured a glass of wine and set the iPod. The wine is beautiful as the melody slid began to flow. I had to mix in five places for friends to know what is coming, but what the songs were good, the establishment of a relaxing atmosphere. I lay in bed and began to cool a. I thought about taking him out and laid in bed for him, but had doubts. I just stood there with a little rock show some stockings and suspenders, when shufuni extended out of the shower. My mind began in anticipation of what was to come (pardon the pun) as drinking wine and listening to music I was hiking. My heart sank when I heard the shower stop. Mmmmmm, it was not long. The bathroom door shufuni opened and he entered the room with just a towel around him. His body muscular and toned up in front of me. I could see he was making a joke position, I realizedin bed, and I was also the effect exerted on him J rubbed dry when it came to me and lay on the bed beside me. He called me a little joke, as he began kissing me and his hands touched the leg at the top of my socks. It was not long until his hand began to wander. He moved slowly along my pussy shaved smooth, and soon I could feel his fingers releasing the side of my lips and cried softly as she began to gently massage the clitoris. I was already quite wet at the thought of what is in store for me, but I felt ooozing and humid. I shivered as his finger entered me. He continued to kiss, our tongues intertwined. I could see that things happen too fast for me, so let me fingers. He took her hand and held it between his lips, as both tongue licked the juices from them. When we did this, he helped me out of bed to stand. When I stood before him, opened his hands and fell on my lapthe ground. I lowered the top of my head and touched the bare flesh. It was shufuni not long before he deftly unhooked her bra with one hand, he had done this before, obviously, J and my big breasts fell into his hands lose. He held my breasts in his hands and gently sucking on my nipples. He sent shufuni a shiver down her back again I felt a trickle between her legs while nibbling gently. However, it was slightly easier and silky black thong that had been specially chosen for use. He pushed her down and then put her used to press down on the ground and left him. I was only in stockings and garters. His body was against mine, and I realized I was on. His cock was so hard pressed against me. I felt that his whole cock in my mouth. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hand. It was so difficult, not thick, about 8 inches and unanimous. The purple head of his penis precum glistened. I wanted to try, but held back by awhile, as I slowly masturbate him cock juice it produces. I could not wait any longer, had to try. I took the lead in my mouth and carefully licked and lit the tip. I tried their sweet juices as more precum oozed. I shufuni eased his cock into my mouth, inch by inch, and led him to where I could feel his hardness in the back of my throat. He shufuni groaned. I realized that I was about to cum so I stopped, I did not come too soon, but he knew from shufuni experience that as a repeater. We lie in bed and talked for a while as we drank wine and listened to music. So far so good with the music - the songs were relaxing and romantic. I drank was red and white. As we talked, and compared with each other in bed, he dipped his finger in my glass of wine and ran his wet fingers shufuni on my nipple so upright, then licked and bit gently mocked. His hands caressed my hips archs got out of bed. He pushed me on my back and pulled the bed. She opened her legs open revealing my wet lips against his face. I felt her tongue to tease my pussy. He found a hole and threw his strong language in me, while I dropped as your finger. I was very wet. My butt out of bed relaxed, as he continued to force his hands under his tongue in This took about five minutes. I knew I could not hold back. I told him I wanted to finish, I thought I was going to resign, but he did not. OMG, who knew what happened. He knew I was a jet, and was about to get the full effect of it. My hips shuddered when I felt a sudden buzz and see the stars. His face turned the game. I was soaked and it was the quilt. He licked my pussy juice and wine to give me a shufuni kiss. shufuni For the second time that evening I returned shufuni to my own taste wine juice. We were back for a few minutes when you return. A few sips orI did not hesitate f wine and soon disappeared. Surprisingly, even after a few minutes talking with her tail stuck. He leaned forward and opened a condom and held his erect penis into one, as shufuni he makes the condom on him. He put me on the bed and pushed me on all fours. He had died close to the cheeks of my ass and made ??fun of his cock in my wet pussy. I was so wet that his cock entered me with ease. Little by little he was and left. I could feel inside me so hard. His thrusts became faster and stronger and my moans grew louder. He even faster and I could beat his balls against me with every stroke. He began to moan and speed of shufuni his punches was slower, but deeper. She let out a loud groan he left shufuni his load of sperm with four or five lines deep. They were so hard, I nearly fell out of bed. is the time for a glass of wine and had time to recover. Meanwhile, I was very small. A few minutes later we started again. This time I got up lenvironmental goods and services should be more and plunged his cock. The clashes were started slowly, but soon rose again. His penis was as hard as he pushed it hurt in some way, but it was a good pain. I could feel the beating of my heart again. The air smelled of sex, play ipod just Dido "White Flag" and it felt so good, suddenly, the room with the sound of Back Home of the England football team 1970! ! It was full ! Above all, a Scot - is there a better sound to a man of his race to be ready! How the hell have to get on my Ipod lol J. The two collapsed on the bed laughing. I quickly jump on the song and, fortunately, something more appropriate, we are shufuni back to business. It was not long after I saw the stars again. I thought here we go again - the cock went in and ten to the dozen to play my G-spot every time. There was not much time before I could feel an explosion shortly before the outbreak. Suddenly, my whole body was shaking again and I screamed out loud when he had a deep past thrust and cum again. When he pulled his cock exploded and spilled across the chest. I was soaked and it was when it collapsed on the bed again. I put myself in the bathroom trying to clean up a bit and dry out. When I read the back room, I wondered, could be run for the third time this afternoon. Only then I realized I was no longer in the afternoon, but in the afternoon. We were in the room for five hours All this action had built the appetite, but all they had was a couple of cookies and chips, for some reason had not given him food a second thought. shufuni We chewed Bicci and chips - and a glass of wine for me. Later it became the ride as Red Bull had only one We talk more and as his hands gently caressed my naked body. He woke up early again, and I, but shufuni was not sure my pussy could take a beating even more, so I was a blowjob on the cards lying face down on the bed and motioned for me, decided to take on astride. He stood with his back to me, as his the cock in my mouth, and exercised almost gagged JI ups as his cock sank deeper. I had to keep the hips in shufuni order to maintain control. This went on for a while and when I relaxed more sunk his cock deep into her throat. I swear, it was all over my tonsils! Then I felt the need to feel it inside me. I threw him out the back, quickly slipped a condom and slowly released me shufuni and pushed his erect cock up and down. My breasts were jumping in front of his face and he grabbed her hands. After a few minutes of jumps and bumps, I could tell by his face that he just broke out a third time. I jumped up and threw the condom and started sucking him off - I wanted the charge. It was not long until I felt her body tremble, heard their groaning and then I felt his warm fresh sperm in the back of my throat to shoot rabbit starts. It tasted so good. I swallowed some, but there was something I had to. I was a little in my mouth andapproached him, grabbed his head and put his lips on mine. Our mouths opened and my tongue in her own cum deposit their own back in the mouth. It was now half past eight o'clock. He had arrived from a trip 150 miles south and my husband to pick me up. He went to the shower. I retired ( thank God I brought extra underwear ) and all packed up and cleaned. The bed was covered with unkempt on wet pavement. We closed the door behind us when we left the room, leaving behind seven hours of erotic pleasure. We strolled to the front desk, laughing as we walked down the hall to ask if there was someone in the room next door. But no one called the wall, so I think not. I was there at the reception he gave the keys to say no longer needs the space. GOOD! The view was, the receptionist LOL. I felt a real cake ! We have the bags to his car and returned to the hotel bar for a drink until my husband come. When Mark arrived, we chatted a little nervous for a while. It was strange to be chatting with her ??husband as he sat with the guy who had fucked my ass all afternoon. Gary then said he was going to take to the streets. I went to his car to get my bag. He thanked me for a great evening. His parting words were, which was the first time anyone had given back their own semen - and would gladly do it again sometime. That was the last time you saw Gary. We occasionally chat on MSN and was always good to repeat the pleasure. I'll be eternally grateful to my husband for letting me experience it. I've never had a sexual experience with another man alone. That satisfied my curiosity big time. Just as he had not felt the need to repeat it. My memories come :-)
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